Q. Are you converting people to another religion?
Ans: No, it is not a matter of converting people. It deals with new life and with that new life, new perspectives, new aspirations, new goals, and new attitudes. You see, conversion is a personal matter. No person, NOBODY, could be converted unless he or she so desires. Nobody can convert another person. The person himself brings about the change.

Q. What is Strategic World Evangelism?
Ans: We are committed to spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus was a person who lived on earth about two thousand years ago. This is a proven historical fact. While Jesus was on earth, He showed that He was also divine, and that His being on earth as a man was so that men could have their lives changed. They could have peace in their hearts and joy in their life. They could live in harmony with all men regardless of who they are. They would have satisfaction and contentment with no fear of the future or of eternity. This is what Jesus taught while He was on earth.

Q. Are you promoting Christianity?
Ans: Real Christianity, which teaches what Jesus taught, is not just a religion. It is more. It is a life-style. A life lived in peace and harmony with all neighbours; a life lived in deep satisfaction and contentment. A life lived in service and servanthood to others. A life of hope and anticipation – anticipation of an eternal future with God.

Q. Do you condemn other religions?
Ans: No, not at all. As we have already said, living Jesus’ way is more than religion. It is life itself. That is what is being taught. Nothing else. We can live the way Jesus wants us to live.

So, you do believe in God..….
Yes we do. We believe there is a God, one God, who interacts with man even today. We believe that He is the sole Creator of all things, and that He is in ultimate control of all things. He is also a personal, loving, reachable God. We can know God personally and have Him involved in our lives.

Q. How do you know all this about God?
Ans: God Himself revealed this to man. That is, God revealed HIMSELF to man, primarily through words that He gave to man. This is recorded in the Bible and the Bible can be shown and proved to be the Word of God. Any person can read the Bible for himself. That’s the best thing to do, to read the Bible for one’s own benefit.

Q. Is this your profession?
Ans: Again, it is a life. Yes, it is a profession for some people who spend their entire life promoting the ways and teachings of Jesus. They love Jesus and they love their fellow men. They want their fellow men to live meaningful lives. Hence, they devote themselves to teaching about Jesus.